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The spear cuts through water

Download the spear cuts through water PDF by simon jimenez and published by Del Rey in August 30, 2022, format Hardcover ..

the spear cuts through water Awards

This gripping book is a contender for a whopping 2 prestigious awards:

  • British Fantasy Award for Robert Holdstock Award for Best Fantasy Novel (2023)
  • Ignyte Award Nominee for Best Novel: Adult (2023)

Informative Details

Titlethe spear cuts through water
Authorsimon jimenez
PublisherDel Rey
Year of PublicationAugust 30, 2022
File FormatHardcover
Number of Pages525
Information about the book the spear cuts through water, written by simon jimenez

Intriguing Summary

Two warriors shepherd an ancient god across a broken land to end the tyrannical reign of a royal family in this new epic fantasy from the author of The Vanished Birds.The people suffer under the centuries-long rule of the Moon Throne. The royal family—the despotic emperor and his monstrous sons, the Three Terrors—hold the countryside in their choking grip. They bleed the land and oppress the citizens with the frightful powers they inherited from the god locked under their palace.But that god cannot be contained forever.With the aid of Jun, a guard broken by his guilt-stricken past, and Keema, an outcast fighting for his future, the god escapes from her royal captivity and flees from her own children, the triplet Terrors who would drag her back to her unholy prison. And so it is that she embarks with her young companions on a five-day pilgrimage in search of freedom—and a way to end the Moon Throne forever. The journey ahead will be more dangerous than any of them could have imagined.Both a sweeping adventure story and an intimate exploration of identity, legacy, and belonging, The Spear Cuts Through Water is an ambitious and profound saga that will transport and transform you—and is like nothing you’ve ever read before.

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