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The cure for burnout

Download the cure for burnout PDF by emily ballesteros and published by The Dial Press in February 13, 2024, format Hardcover ..

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Titlethe cure for burnout
Authoremily ballesteros
PublisherThe Dial Press
Year of PublicationFebruary 13, 2024
File FormatHardcover
Number of Pages272
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Is dread the first thing you feel when you wake up in the morning? Are you working in the evenings and on weekends to catch up? Have you already beat burnout once, only to find it creeping back? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re in need of a cure for burnout.In The Cure for Burnout , burnout management coach and TikTok influencer Emily Ballesteros combines scientific and cultural research, her expertise in organizational psychology, and the tried-and-true strategies she’s successfully implemented with clients around the globe to demystify burnout for our post-pandemic world – and set you on a path toward a life of personal and professional balance. Ballesteros outlines five areas in which you can build healthy habits to combat burnout — mindset, personal care, time management, boundaries , and stress management . She offers clear, easy-to-implement tools to help you find greater balance, energy, and fulfillment, showing you how • break burnout habits that keep you in a pattern of chronic overwhelm• create sustainable work/life balance through predictable personal care• get more done in less time while creating forward momentum toward a meaningful life• identify and set your personal and professional limits , guilt-free• master your stress and detach from your stressorsThe Cure for Burnout provides a holistic method for burnout management to address the epidemic of our always-on, chronically overextended culture, empowering us to reclaim control of our own lives once and for all.

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