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The black stone prophecy

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Titlethe black stone prophecy
Authoralex baj
Year of PublicationMarch 1, 2012
File Format
Number of PagesKindle Edition
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Intriguing Summary

Tom O’Malley is a sarcastic, popular 12-year old who has spent the past year avoiding friends and hiding out at home after a terrible accident. But when Tom finally agrees to leave home for summer camp, he is drawn into the transformative world of Nyi, where the secrets of Earth — from the extinction of the dinosaurs to the origins of trolls — are revealed, and where Tom and his friends must face an ancient evil. This suspenseful, witty debut novel deftly explores the power of friendship and the importance of believing in and accepting one’s own transformation. It leaves readers begging for the second book in what has the potential to become a beloved middle grade fantasy series.Show More Show Less

About the Author

Alex Baj was born in the coal mining region of eastern Pennsylvania. She had a magical childhood growing up in a house on a hill overlooking a farm with horses, lots of room to run, and fun places to explore. Ms. Baj loves to travel. She has lived in Russia and the United Kingdom and has visited many countries, including France, South Africa, Nicaragua, Estonia, Senegal, Uzbekistan, and China. Ms. Baj currently lives near Washington, D.C. with her husband, children, and a friendly black dog named Duncan. The Black Stone Prophecy is Ms. Baj’s first book.

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