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Primrose hill

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Titleprimrose hill
Authorhelen falconer
PublisherFaber & Faber
Year of PublicationJune 17, 2004
File Format
Number of PagesPaperback
Information about the book primrose hill, written by helen falconer

Intriguing Summary

Si and Danny are best friends, teenage sons of single mothers in North London. Si just wants to listen to music and smoke a little dope with the hippy crowd on Primrose Hill. Danny wants Si to help him kill his junky mother’s violent boyfriend. Murder isn’t Si’s scene – until the beautiful Eleanor arrives, obsessed with sex and eager for the kill. ‘I simply couldn’t put the book down. Falconer shows as superb a command of structure and pacing as she does of character. Intense, intelligent and highly readable, Primrose Hill is a book of which any experienced novelist could be proud. As Falconer’s debut it’s stunning. My hat is off.’ Guardian

About the Author

See”The Story of a Strange Marriage” is not my work, I don’t know why it’s there and I cannot delete it. (I’ve tried!)

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