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On a larp

Download on a larp PDF by stefani deoul and published by Bywater Books in April 11, 2017, format Paperback ..

on a larp Awards

This gripping book is a contender for a whopping 2 prestigious awards:

  • Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) for Multicultural Fiction – Juv-Young Adult (Bronze) (2018)
  • DPA Professional Communications Contest for Young Adult Books – Fiction (2018)

Informative Details

Titleon a larp
Authorstefani deoul
PublisherBywater Books
Year of PublicationApril 11, 2017
File FormatPaperback
Number of Pages200
Information about the book on a larp, written by stefani deoul

Intriguing Summary

Question: Do any of you know the truly scary part about being seventeen?Answer: Your brain doesn’t actually know, understand or care what it can’t do; and, while this sounds great in theory, in my particular case, my under-developed brain apparently didn’t know I couldn’t fly.So I jumped . . .And I plummeted . . .And I promise you, if I somehow manage to survive this act of immature-brain-encased-in-unbelievable-stupidity, I will gladly tell you exactly how I got here.Which, for the record, is chasing a dark-web killer through the middle of a live action role-playing game, better known as a LARP.On a LARP introduces readers to self-described lesbionic brainiac geek and teen coder, Sid Rubin, a smartass—and super-smart—high school kid with a strong conscience and a knack for solving problems. This high concept, frenetic ride dives into the fascinating world of interactive role-playing when Sid recognizes the photo of a murder victim during an AP field trip to a police station. What starts out as an Aha! moment soon finds Sid and her unlikely posse of friends chasing a dark web killer through the middle of a live action role playing game. Sid and the gang work to unravel a deeply encrypted mystery while simultaneously enduring pop quizzes, endless Ted Talks, teenage heartbreak, suspicious parents, cosplay, and the irresistible lure of the NYC Public Library.Stefani Deoul is the author of the award-winning novel The Carousel. She has produced TV series such as The Dead Zone, Brave New Girl, and Haven, and was also the executive in charge of production for the series Dresden Files and Missing.

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