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Titlelily white
Authorshelley poole
PublisherKindle Direct Publishing
Year of PublicationJune 1, 2011
File Format
Number of PagesKindle Edition
Information about the book lily white, written by shelley poole

Intriguing Summary

In the year 2043, eight-year-old Albert leaves his home to go on his first school trip. He walks through comfortable suburbs, but Albert must take care not to be spotted by the NUPS on his short walk. As the grandson of Polish immigrants, he and his family are classified as noncitz and are no longer welcome in Britain. Little does Albert know that there is no school trip and his parents have made a sacrifice that will impact on the lives of everybody concerned.Edward is the teenage son of George Clark, the Minister for Family Values. Edward leads a privileged life, and his main concern is deciding whether to date the rebellious and hard-to-resist Florence, or Susan, his mother’s choice and fellow political royalty.But Edward also finds himself questioning the political monopoly in Britain, with its brutal treatment of noncitz and lack of free press. A founding member of the Lily Allen Fan Club, Edward leads underground online discussions, but is forced into real action when his love life and politics mix to place his and other lives in danger.

About the Author

Shelley Poole may sound like the quaint setting of a Famous Five adventure, but it is actually the real name of the author of British dystopian novel, Lily White.Shelley lives in Piddlehinton, Dorset, with her husband James and little dog, Ringo. As well as Lecturing Business Studies at Weymouth College, Shelley likes to be busy volunteering as Brown Owl for the local Brownie Guide pack. She enjoys trying different sports, but seldom sticks with one thing long enough to become any good. That’s her excuse, at least…Shelley has an interest in politics. Not the Yah-Boo of party politics, or the tricks of electioneering, but the decisions made by those in power and how they affect everyday lives. But most of all, Shelley cares about people and their stories. After all, what could be more important?To find out more about Shelley and her work, please visit her website and/or follow her on Twitter.

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