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Jigsaw lovers

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Titlejigsaw lovers
Authorleonard makin
Year of PublicationJanuary 1, 2014
File Formatebook
Number of Pages240
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Intriguing Summary

When unhappily married Anthony starts an affair with John Lennon fan Yvonne – an attractive young girl half his age – he opens a libidinous can of worms.His ruthless wife, Rachel, embarks on a relationship of her own with a man she has met briefly at a reception – a tormented lush named Harrington.When Yvonne’s obsessional older brother, the muscular, menacing, Hugo steps in he causes havoc by diving into an affair of his own with the love-lorn Harrington.A mad roller-coaster of sexual permutations erupts as each character seeks solace from the fervent demands of their own psyche.But, for all the wild sexual busyness, it is sex without savour, for here, relationships are reduced to confession as a substitute for sensuality.Each lover now entangled in a frantic emotional jigsaw where the pieces refuse to fit.The story moves from the land of the Beatles, Liverpool, to London, to New York in a Rock ‘n’ Rollof sexual experimentation in a Rock ‘n’ Roll spoof of the IRIS MURDOCH genre.French novelist ALAIN ROBBE-GRILLET (Pour un Nouveau Roman) theorized that it was the obligation of the writer to find a new form for their material. This novel with its subordination of plot and its focus on each character and their individual vision places it, loosely, within the Nouveau Roman.Akin to LEONARD COHEN’S novel BEAUTIFUL LOSERS – a quote from COHEN captures the theme of JIGSAW LOVERS: “A heavy burden lifted from my soul: I heard that love was out of my control.

About the Author

“The Kindness of Strangers” – Leonard Makin’s play was produced internationally – by RTE in the Irish Republic, by YLE in Finland, and by SABC in South Africa. JIGSAW LOVERS is his only novel. He is working on a script based on Chuck Berry’s life.

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