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Hop the upward stride 1

Download hop the upward stride 1 PDF by jared holt and published by matter of fact PUBLISHERS in April 5, 2013, format Kindle Edition ..

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Titlehop the upward stride 1
Authorjared holt
Publishermatter of fact PUBLISHERS
Year of PublicationApril 5, 2013
File FormatKindle Edition
Number of Pages376
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Intriguing Summary

One year. Just one more year, and Jonathan Troy would be done with White Oak Bay and his controlling stepfather.Then one evening he blacks out and sees a woman in a bathtub. It would have been more enjoyable if the bathtub weren’t filled to the brim with blood. He also flash-freezes an entire swimming pool, which would have been a fantastic indoor skating rink. Now he’s fairly certain that he’s losing his mind.Lana Vander knows that Jude Summerfield is in love with her. He’s boyish, charming, adorable and a little goofy, and he’s also her best friend. But her sudden attraction to Jonathan Troy, who happens to be Jude’s older brother, is not some passing craze, because Lana Vander can feel what other people feel. Literally. And what she feels from Troy is beyond her ability to make sense of.Something connects Troy and Lana, and figuring out the insanity that is becoming a daily occurrence for them is as tricky as navigating high school, relationships and teenage life.

About the Author

Jared Holt was born in South Africa. He has a degree in digital art and design from the Open Window School of Visual Communication and also a degree in English language and literature from the University of South Africa. Currently, he works as an assistant English teacher under the auspices of the JET Program, in Japan. He lives in the Miyazaki prefecture. In his free time, he devours popular television series, movies and books, and shamelessly indulges in gaming.

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