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Download hidden mickey PDF by nancy temple rodrigue and published by Double-R Books Publishing in September 1, 2009, format Paperback ..

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Titlehidden mickey
Authornancy temple rodrigue
PublisherDouble-R Books Publishing
Year of PublicationSeptember 1, 2009
File FormatPaperback
Number of Pages488
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Intriguing Summary

HIDDEN MICKEY 1: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales! Volume 1 in a series of action-adventure mysteries about Walt Disney and Disneyland written for Adults, Teens, & Tweens (age 10 & up).Flesch-Kincaid Grade 4.2 – Flesch Reading Ease 83TWO FRIENDS FIND WALT DISNEY’S LOST DIARY.Who knew it would lead them on a wild cross-country search filled with discoveries, about the famous man, his life, and about themselves.THE DIARY HINTS OF A HIDDEN TREASURE.Beth, Adam’s former girlfriend, was fired from her beloved job at Disneyland, thanks to Adam. Now he needs her help in untangling a web of clues that Walt left behind. Can she put their past aside and work with him again? Can the three friends decipher the eccentric clues that Disney himself may have ingeniously devised?WHO ELSE IS SEEKING THE TREASURE?As the clues lead them closer to their goal, and deeper in the legacy of Walt Disney himself, will they find some long-lost treasure?IS THIS ONE FINAL ILLUSION BY THE WORLD’S GREATEST STORYTELLER?Anyone who loves all-things Disney will be swept up in the intrigue of the sometimes subtle, sometimes obscure, and always amazing facts surrounding one of the most recognized, beloved and ingenious men of all time. Walk in the shoes of our intrepid treasure hunters as they scavenge historical records and discover amazing connections, while they seek out what Walt may have left behind.An “E-Ticket” ride through Disney’s history.Next book in the series… HIDDEN MICKEY 2: It All Started… Want to go on your own ‘E-Ticket’ adventure? Next time you visit a Disney Park you can play in Quests like Adam & Lance by bringing with you a copy of HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES in Disneyland – HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES in Disney California Adventure, or for our east coast Fans: HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES in WDW Magic Kingdom (or download one to your mobile device).HIDDEN MICKEY Adventures are always TOP SELLERS at Disney’s D23 Expo., the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, and Tucson Festival of Books.

About the Author

Nancy Temple Rodrigue lives in the small town of Lompoc, California, where she writes her novels. Writing about her favorite park, Disneyland, comes easy for Nancy as she has been an avid Disney fan ever since she was 6 years old and went to Disneyland for the first time. Her novels show her admiration and respect for the man who started it all, Walt Disney.Being is a very talented and diverse author, Nancy penned the HIDDEN MICKEY series, starting with HIDDEN MICKEY 1: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales! Once hooked, you’ll want to devour HIDDEN MICKEY 2: It All Started, HIDDEN MICKEY 3 Wolf!: The Legend of Tom Sawyers Island, and HIDDEN MICKEY 4 Wolf!: Happily Ever After?, and HIDDEN MICKEY 4.5: Unfinished Business—Wals These 5 novels are available in Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook.The HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES series introduces the next generation of clue-seekers. The series starts a few years forward from where HIDDEN MICKEY 4.5: Unfinished Business—Wals leaves readers. HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES 1: Peter and the Wolf, starts the series, then continuing with HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES 2: Peter and the Missing Mansion, HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES 3: The Mermaids Tale, HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES 4: Revenge of the Wolf, and HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES 5: When You Wish. These 5 novels are available in Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook.On learning several of Nancy’s fans were taking the novels to Disneyland and running the quests that Adam and Lance ran, she put together several scavenger hunt quest books so readers could have a new experience when visiting Disney parks. The bonus questions include “Finding Hidden Mickeys”, and more. These books are in the HIDDEN MICKEY QUESTS series, and include HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES: in Disneyland, HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES: in Disney California Adventure, and for east coast fans HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES: in WDW Magic Kingdom. All of these game books are available in Paperback, Apps, and eBook.As an acclaimed author she also penned the romantic fantasy: THE FAN LETTER. A light and fun read!Nancy actively participates in book signings and speaking events, and she loves talking to people who enjoy her novels. Readers can go to her Blog to get the latest info on book signing events and locations. Or visit or to read about and buy Signed books. Follow Nancy on Facebook (HiddenMickeyFanClub), Twitter (Hidden_Mickey), and Google+ (HiddenMickeyFanClub).

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