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Eden s outcast

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Informative Details

Titleeden s outcast
Authorkuta marler
PublisherKuta Marler
Year of PublicationJune 4, 2018
File Format
Number of PagesKindle Edition
Information about the book eden s outcast, written by kuta marler

Intriguing Summary

Lilith just can’t seem to get the hang of living. As an ungainly immortal she has died and come back to life more times than she cares to admit, or remember. When she dies she forgets, except if she has it written down in her journal bound in dragon skin that preserves her memories. During an attempt to escape a nasty pack of acid drooling dog-lizard rejects she makes a new friend, John. Who helps save her hide, but in return will she be able to save his? Lilith is up against all sorts of supernatural nasties, an obsessed ex-lover she can’t remember. A love interest who has a fatal interest in John, and worst of all herself.Praise for Eden’s Outcast “Kuta Marler weaves a fascinating & nuanced tale of angelic and demonic beings that combines humor, horror and romance. She is an amazing writer.”Melinda M. Snodgrass -Edge of Reason

About the Author

Kuta Marler currently resides in the state of Utah with her family, not too far from Lilith’s place. She has lived all over the world and has picked up an assortment of facts, anecdotes, and stories over the years, which she weaves into her storytelling. Eden’s Outcast is her debut novel.Erika takes every opportunity to improve her craft. Her critique group involves Wereslugs, she volunteers at author signings and has been known to audit Masters level writing courses, for fun.

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