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Delhi return

Download delhi return PDF by krishna bhatt and published by Krishna Chandra Bhatt in December 5, 2010, format Kindle Edition ..

Informative Details

Titledelhi return
Authorkrishna bhatt
PublisherKrishna Chandra Bhatt
Year of PublicationDecember 5, 2010
File FormatKindle Edition
Number of Pages174
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Intriguing Summary

Migrating to a city to make a living doesn’t work for every one. Some people like Lachchi are rather firmly rooted in their villages. Having returned from Delhi without making a start, he tries to eke out a living in his village. It brings out his colorful character, which might have not survived the brutality of a city. The story of a German woman, who tries to find a solace in Nepalese festivals, which are nearly as violent as life, poignantly looks deeper in the way people deal with their conditions. The stories in this collection are fascinating for their variety and universality.

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