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Download amare PDF by j gaines and published by Troubador in September 27, 2016, format Kindle Edition ..

Informative Details

Authorj gaines
Year of PublicationSeptember 27, 2016
File FormatKindle Edition
Number of Pages305
Information about the book amare, written by j gaines

Intriguing Summary

Amias is a foster child who has never met his biological parents. When he one day gets into trouble at school he suddenly finds himself in desperate need. It’s then he discovers something amazing about himself… something that has the potential to change his life forever. Now an adult, Amias is once again confronted with the truth about his abilities and forced to fight to protect himself. At the same time he must try to save a world that is completely unaware of the terrifying secrets that threaten it. Unable to know who he can trust, he has no choice but to learn all about his abilities so that he can control them and use them to realise his unique potential as the most powerful of his kind. Amias must believe in himself and what makes him strong… his love. Will he manage it, or are the odds stacked too highly against him?

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